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Welcome to Yancheng Shunheng Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
Yancheng Shunheng Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Yancheng Shunheng Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock private enterprise mainly engaged in the manufacture of ethyl bromodifluoroacetate, initiators and organic peroxides. Located in Binhai Economic Development Zone in Jiangsu, the company is 15km from Binhai Port, close to the National Highway 204, enjoying superior location.

Invested and established by Mr. Liu Changkui–a native merchant of Binhai, YanchengShunhengChemical Industry Co., Ltd now boasts 48 million Yuan in fixed assets, more than 90 million Yuan in annual sales and 6 million Yuan in profit. Covering an area of 8 hectares and with workshops of 8000 square meters, the company owns many excellent types of equipment including 

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Coastal Chemical Industrial Park Zhenhai Road, Binhai County, Yancheng, Jiangsu
Head of sales:Liu Long Long +86-13770111751
Chairman:Liu Chang Kui +86-13805118028